*Things I need to know when I start with yoga*

Class Descriptions

Yoga for a Healthy Back - Open to everyone, including those new to yoga. Learn therapeutic yoga movements that focus on the back and the parts of the body that affect the back and spine. Includes breathing and relaxation techniques to help control stress and tension.
Yoga for Healthy Joints - Open to everyone, including those new to yoga. Learn therapeutic yoga movements that focus on revitalizing our joints throughout the body. Includes breathing and relaxation techniques to help control stress and tension.

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Yoga Beginners - Yoga for All (Level 1)

Improve your health and well-being , flexibility and strength. Here you will learn yoga movements and postures (asanas), breath (pranayama) and meditation techniques, and deep relaxation to relax the body and calm the mind.

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Yoga Beyond the Basics (Levels 2 & 3) 

Deepen your awareness and experience of postures (asanas), deep relaxation, pranayama, and meditation techniques. Recommended prerequisite: Yoga for All or Yoga for a Healthy Back.

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Intermediate Plus (Levels 4-7) 

Intermediate course featuring even more advanced postures, meditation and pranayama techniques. Includes individual adaptations and deep relaxation. Recommended prerequisite: Yoga Beyond the Basics. 

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Yoga & Meditation 

Strengthen your inner calm through the ancient art of meditation. This class provides silence, deep relaxation, gentle stretching, calming breath techniques (pranayama) and guided meditation. No experience necessary. All are welcome and chairs are available. 

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Meditation for all

Meditation for All

Self-Inquiry Meditation techniques are used to understand and regulate the “instruments” of our consciousness - the mind and senses - without suppressing their activity. We do it through step-by-step as the awareness of ourselves and inner peace will gradually deepen. 

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meditation beyond basics

Meditation Beyond the Basics

In this course you will learn about each of the 8 main chakras. You will practice certain techniques to awaken them and gain greater understanding and inner peace by building on our strengths and latent abilities associated with each of these chakra centers. Prerequisite recommended of being an experienced regular meditator.  

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Yoga for Seniors 

A gentle class with adaptive movements and postures to promote flexibility, balance, strength, and overall health. All are welcome regardless of age or physical ability. 

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Yoga for Kids 

Fun with games and movement for kids. Improves posture, focus, balance, concentration, and ability to relieve stress.

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Fit for Today

Start off your day with dynamic exercises to have more energy and ease. Attend the beginner or intermediate class based on your yoga experience.

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Energize Yoga

Improve your vitality and be able to relax better with the more energizing exercises of yoga.

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Prices & Policies

New students: Free trial class during first week of session.

General Yoga and Meditation Classes

One class per week for a six-week session:

Regular Registration:  $80

Drop-in:  $16 per class, or $12 if already registered for another class during the session

If registering for more than one class during a session:

2 Classes: 20% discount

Unlimited Class Passes:

Unlimited classes for 6 weeks (1 sessions): $200

Unlimited classes for 3 months (2 sessions):  $300

Unlimited classes for 6 months (4 sessions):  $600

Unlimited classes for 12 months (8 sessions):  $1000

Yoga for Seniors

One class per week for a six-week session:  $50 

Drop-in:  $10 per class

Yoga for Kids

One class per week for a six-week session:  $50 

Drop in: $10 per class


Drop ins are welcome on a first-come/first-served, space-available basis.

 Make-Up Policy:

If you miss a class, you can make it up by dropping into any other class at the same or lower level during the same six-week session.  Unused classes do not carry over, however, to the next session. 


After Week 1:   75% of tuition 

After Week 2:   50% of tuition 

After Week 3:   25% of tuition

After Week 4:   No refunds